Review Policy

So, I am noticing that a lot of book bloggers are putting a page like this together so that publishers, authors, and readers have a good idea if this site is run well and legitimately so here goes…..

The books that I review for this site are a mix of store bought, borrowed and ARC’s. Arc’s that I receive are NEVER sold online after finished! They usually just go into one of my bookshelves. If I receive an ARC that does NOT guarantee a good review solely based on having received it. A good review is earned by the writing, not how it got into my hands.

Reviews for books that have already been released are posted within a few days or finishing the book. (schedule permitting) Books that are finished before the day of release have their reviews published within the first couple weeks. I try my best to send publishers a copy of the review if the return email is clearly stated.

If you are wanting to submit a book for review please include in the email a brief synopsis of the book or a link to where I can read about it (i.e. etc.) and I will let you know if I would be willing to review it.

What I do read….

Teen Chick Lit

Teen Paranormal

Teen Historical Fiction

Pretty much anything YA


When in doubt, just send the synopsis anyway and I will just let you know! You can contact me via my contact page. I do make exceptions to my genres if the plot sounds intriguing to me.  The only genre DO NOT read at all is nonfiction.


I am always happy to help authors!  I know that it is a struggle to get your books aka babies out into the world without a big publishing house to back you up! I can help.  This blog is my baby, but it is also a vehicle for getting the word out about great books.  So, if you have one TALK TO ME, shoot me an email, find me on skype, hit me up on facebook!  Let’s get the ball rolling! It’s an equal partnership because in the end hopefully you get more sales and exposure and I have a chance to reach more readers!