Were Broadening Our Scope!

April 30, 2022     yaobsessed     Uncategorized

For some time now I have been wanting to explore including other forms of YA in the media. Including but not limited to movies and TV shows. (both classic cable and streaming) YA books themselves are still my absolute favorites, but I also wanted to change things up a bit!

I finally feel like I am at a place in my life where I can focus more on this blog. I have sort of lost the career version of myself over the past couple of years due to dealing with different medical issues.

My head (thanks to my body behaving) finely feels clear and balanced enough to not focus on my ailments, but on what I actually enjoy which is giving you all my opinion on things!

Thank you to all of you for being patient with me while I have been going through my challenges. I promise you your patience will be worth it!

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