REVIEW: Moth by Amber McBride

April 12, 2022     yaobsessed     Uncategorized

by Amber McBride
Published by Feiwel and Friends five-stars

 Moth, is a girl who has suffered an unimaginable tragedy.  She lost all of her family in a freak car accident. Since then she has felt invisible, just gliding through life in a defensive bubble of her own making. She is like this with everyone but Sani,  a boy she met, who has a host of his own struggles. One day when her aunt decides to disappear, she decides to do the same and since Sani is not doing much better with his family, he decides to join her. What ensues is a road trip that neither one of them will ever forget. and by the end, some surprising revelations will come to pass which leave both of their worlds completely changed.

This novel is a lyrical one that I was able to read through fairly quickly. Just because there were fewer words, however,  does not mean that those words are any less devoid of meaning. Some might say the meaning was even more powerful than if this would have been in a regular novel. I strongly suggest that you pick this novel up.  you will not be disappointed.  I thought I had the ending of this book completely figured out but boy was I wrong! It is not very often that I am surprised by the way of bookends. I am very glad I gave this book the chance that deserves.


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