REVIEW: A Million Quiet Revolutions

December 15, 2021     yaobsessed     Uncategorized

by Robin Gow
Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) four-stars

I myself also live in Kutztown. It is a small and very conservative town and the more “open minded” members of the population are usually not it’s full-time residents, but the college students who are only here when class is in session. Though I myself do not identify as Transgender, I do to a certain degree understand the uncomfortableness of being unable to be my true self publicly around here. I am a cis female, but I am bisexual and it’s not something I announce publicly (outside of social media) in-person to folks until I know them very well.

Being that LGBTQ folks that are publicly out are fewer here Aaron and Oliver for much of their time together have only ever had each other to lean on. They have only had each other to come out to. First, as queer and then coming to the realization they were both Trans. They have only recently become the couple they have always wanted to be. So, it is all the more heartbreaking when Aarons parents tell him that they must move away due to his brother being the victim of a heinous crime. With no one to lean on now that Aaron has moved away Oliver feels lost and Aaron is in for a bit of a culture shock due to the fact that he goes from living in a small town to a big city. There are many more people from all walks of life with much more open minds.

This is a lyrical novel so it is a quick but thought provoking read. I think you will really enjoy it and maybe even empathize with these wonderful characters regardless of how you identify.


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