It’s Moving Time!

December 2, 2020     yaobsessed     Uncategorized

There will be no review or book-related posts this week because I am moving back home tomorrow and am packing to do just that! As you may remember 11 months ago I suffered a bowel perforation and have spent much of the time since then healing and dealing with complications related to it. During that time I have been living at my father’s house in a hospital bed as I needed round the clock care.

I recently got the all-clear from all of my doctors to resume my normal life. I just had to wait a couple of weeks from that point to get a new battery for my power chair. The new battery went in today and will charge overnight to be ready for my arrival! I am so excited because I have missed having my own space terribly and all of my things that couldn’t come here like the big screen that I got online two years ago during a big black Friday sale and my comfy bed!

Next week I will resume bookish content. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and will talk to you next week!

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