REVIEW: Bonjour Girl Series By Isabelle Lafleche

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REVIEW: Bonjour Girl Series By Isabelle LaflecheBonjour Girl by Isabelle Lafleche
Published by Dundurn on August 25, 2018
Pages: 288

Dating, fashion, and drama: Clementine never has a dull day at the Parsons School of Design.

When Clementine Liu arrives in New York City to study at the Parsons School of Design, she knows that she’s foundher place. It isn’t long before she meets her fashionista soulmate, the loud and charismatic Jake, and Jonathan, a dreamy fashion photographer who turns her world upside down.

Between schoolwork and glitzy fashion shows, Clementine launches a blog, Bonjour Girl, and her wit, originality, and flair quickly catapult the site to cult status. Unfortunately, this comes with a price: Clementine is faced with online abuse and public humiliation. In the midst of all the drama, she finds out that a classmate is not what she seems, and Clementine has to find a way to save both her reputation and Jake’s fashion collection.

As you all know I like books about books. Well did you also know I like books about blogging as well? That is what made the Bonjour Girl Series such a find for me. I originally discovered them on Netgalley and accidentally read them in reverse order. Both these titles can be read in whichever order the reader prefers. I see a lot of myself in Clemintine. She may write about fashion, while I write about books, but she still has some of the same hopes and dreams that I do. Like making a difference, even if it is just one reader at a time. One of my favorite things about her blog is that as part of her “doing good in the world” initiative she blogs about things that matter like eco-friendly fashion. Or her best friend and the fashion line he hopes to create for the disabled.

I hope that the author decides that there is more of the story to tell and puts out another sequel! Until then make sure to enjoy these two!


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