REVIEW: Smoke & Key

April 15, 2019     yaobsessed     Uncategorized

How you end up in “Under” is a mystery along with how you got there and even what your name was before you found yourself there. What remains the same for everyone is that each of them was dead and came back to life. Each broke through their coffins and fell into “under” and each is named after the one procession they had with them when they came back from the dead.

Key was found with a key which she puts on a string to carry around her neck. She is among some of the younger folks found in this underground city though there is one very young girl probably around eight or nine named doll.

The pace of this novel is anything but slow. Pretty soon after falling and making a few friends there is a big uproar involving a murder. Now, I know what your thinking. What would constitute a murder for someone who is already dead? Well then you should read this novel to answer that question for yourself! In my opinion you will not be disappointed. I have always had an interest in novels that tackle the subject of death. Of stories of whether there is a heaven or a hell or even a limbo. This book definitely is a darker interpretation but a fun mystery to unravel nonetheless. I hope if you decide to read it you will also enjoy!

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