REVIEW: Butterfly Bones By Rebecca Carpenter

September 13, 2018     yaobsessed     Uncategorized

by Rebecca L. Carpenter
Published by Lakewater Press Genres: Romance, Young Adult
Format: eBook

I was immediately drawn to this book because I also have Osteogenesis Imperfecta. I have had type III since my birth and I am always interested to see how authors spell out and handle the disease in their writing. I sympathized with Bethany not just because we have the same disease, but because of the struggles she has in school. I was also bullied growing up though not physically. I figure being in a wheelchair and having an aide to help/bodyguard helped keep me safe from that particular brand of torture. This novel as it progressed got pretty dark but it kept me interested. For one thing, there is definitely something off with Bethany’s dad. His zealous search to find a cure is somewhat explained by the end but it is one of those situations where being that the novel is not from his perspective we will never know exactly what goes on in his head.  He loves his daughter though that is abundantly obvious.


I enjoyed this book and think that if you are reading this review you should get it if it sounds interesting to you. She handled speaking about the disease very well. Unlike other books and media that have had my disease as a subject matter after reading this book, I did not come away angry about being misrepresented. I have moved on to the next book in the series that came out last month so stay tuned for that!

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