REVIEW: Nova in New York

January 16, 2019     yaobsessed     Uncategorized

by Katherine Richards
Published by Orca Book Publishers

I love stories about the performing arts! As someone born with a physical disability I was never able to do ballet. Though I did ballet for an episode of Sesame Street I never became a professional. So I love reading about characters that are interested in it whether or not they wish for it to be a career.

This is a mini-novel so it was a quick read that I finished within a day. My favorite part was the author’s descriptions of how dance made nova feel. How the world around her felt when she danced and how the rest of the world fell away when she was in the midst of her movements. It helped me feel close to her and truly feel the joy that she felt when she was dancing.

I also appreciated the family relationships she had. Though she was not part of a traditional nuclear family it was no less filled with love. I especially liked the relationship between Nova and her aunt. You can tell they were very close and both truly loved dance and that her aunt understood her.

There is absolutely no reason why you should NOT pick up this book. It is quick, heartfelt and uplifting so go out and get it!

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